Internet Access

Wireless Connections

Ashdown House is configured to have wireless access to the internet via the networks MIT SECURE, MIT, MIT GUEST, and eduroam.

To connect to MIT SECURE, residents should use their Kerberos username and password. If using your username and password does not provide access to this network when you first arrive, it likely means IT has not finished configuring your account. In that case, you can sign onto MIT GUEST until this is worked out. If such an issue does not get resolved, you should contact IS&T.

In order to access internal MIT websites, databases, and library resources, you may need to use MIT SECURE, an Ethernet connection, or a VPN connection (if off-campus).

Wired Connections

If you need an Ethernet cable and/or adapter to connect to MIT’s wired network, you may request one from IS&T, by emailing Once you email that address, a ticket will be generated with IS&T’s Device Deployment and Maintenance team who will be able to fulfill your request. Please include information on your computer model so that IS&T can provide you the proper equipment.

Access Issues

You can report internet connectivity issues and request assistance at

If you are having wireless connection issues, you may consider requesting an Ethernet cable and/or adapter from IS&T as described above in Wired Connections to obtain internet access while the wireless connection issues are being resolved.