Special Events

For Residents: The Fun Fund

AHEC established a community Fun Fund that can be used by all residents to organize small outings or activities. Good examples could be going for a movie, city exploring, laser tag, ice-skating, paintball, etc. You can find the Fun Fund application here, after which you will be notified if your event is approved.

Funding regulations include the following:

  1. We will subsidize all expenses up to $150/event, no more than $15/person. Here, $Reimbursed/person = min{$15, $actual cost}.
  2. If your event is an outing, make a signup sheet. The event must be open to at least 10 people, with at least five spaces on the waiting list. 
  3. If your event is approved, you must advertise it to the entire Ashdown community (please email ashdown@mit.edu).
  4. You must submit the proposal for the event at least 5 days in advance to allow at least 3 days for publicity. 
  5. Proposals are awarded on a rolling basis.
  6. After the event, email the Ashdown Communities Chair (ashdown-communities-chair@mit.edu) with the attendance and how the event went. You can find the RFP process for reimbursements here.

Community Events include non-regular or club activities hosted by Ashdown Officers, Heads of House, or the residential community. Only a sample of the events are listed below. If you are a resident and have an idea for an event, you can reach out to ashdown-events@mit.edu and/or apply for “Fun Funds” to host it yourself (application and information above).

Heads of House Open House

A staple of Ashdown House, this generous and welcoming event is hosted by the Heads of House, who invite all residents into their homes to share food and drink and conversation. It’s the best “night out” that doesn’t require you to leave the building.

Courtyard Parties

When grad students turn the residence hall into a nightclub – complete with dancing, drinks, and snacks! The perfect distraction from that report due tomorrow.

Residential Scholars

Ashdown House has the good fortune of hosting a handful of professionals, who typically reside within the House for 1 year during their specialized study at MIT. These scholars host occasional events where they share with the residential community lectures, performances, or workshops about topics close to their hearts. Typically the scholars are international students, thus bringing with them a multitude of perspectives and knowledge. An extra bonus: free dinner is served to accompany the event!

Sports Events

Never heard the roar of a Boston Celtics crowd, or felt the energy of a Boston Bruins fan? The Ashdown Heads of House routinely sponsor group game attendance with discounted tickets so you can have the opportunity!


A quick and painless way to meet a whole bunch of new friends. This orientation activity is always a favorite among new and old residents.

Courtyard BBQs

With Boston’s winters, you’ll learn quick to not waste a good weather day. Ashdown embraces the sun and the grill for a good-old outdoor bbq party, complete with burgers, watermelon, vegetarian fare, and compostable plates. Yes, we have hammocks.

Floor Events

Floor social events are hosted by Ashdown Floor Officers with the aim of getting to know your neighbors in a smaller-scale environment. Pizza parties in the communal floor kitchens, movie nights with popcorn, athletic challenges – all much better ways to meet than borrowing a cup of sugar! For questions, contact ashdown-officers-floor@mit.edu.


Ashdown House hosts a special Thanksgiving dinner, complete with a full traditional fare and lots of holiday cheer.

Halloween Parties

Costumes, pumpkins, free food – what else need we say?