Common Facilities

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Athena Cluster:
Log in with your Kerberos to utilize MIT’s academic computing environment, black-white printers, and scanners. Simple office supplies and conference space is also available.
[Currently closed for renovation]

(Rm 1065) 1st floor Bldg 3, near the back of the hall

Additional b/w Printer:
A single computer with printer is located on the 2nd floor. You must swipe your MIT card to print. You can either print directly from the computer, or print from your own laptop using the Pharos software.
2nd floor, Building 2. Up from the stairs leading towards the laundry room, turn left and then a quick right. Go straight down that hallway until you come upon the equipment.

Communal Inventory:
A variety of Ashdown items including movies, video games, card/board games, sports equipment, and simple household equipment/tools may be checked out with your Student ID.
Residents may find the full list of inventory items and request new additions here:
1st floor Bldg 1, front entrance Front Desk

Washers and dryers powered by Washlava – the advanced laundry technology system allowing you to reserve machines, pay for laundry, and monitor laundry cycles all from your smartphone.
(Rm 2016) 2nd floor Bldg 1, at the top of the stairs past the lobby hallway

Mail boxes for small parcels and letters, unlocked by your Ashdown room key. Larger packages will be held by the Front Desk.
1st floor Bldg 1, front entrance and lobby hallway to the side of the Front Desk

Bowtie Lounges:
These cozy spaces have sofas for lounging as well as assorted games such as arcade cabinets, air hockey table, and foosball tables.
1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors Bldg 2, by the Bldg 1-2 overpass

Fabyan Room:
Home to an antique library, here you can peruse a collection of tomes dating back to over a hundred years old. Handle with extreme care as pages will fall apart easily, and do not remove them from the room. Feel free to hold meetings and conferences here surrounded by the wisdom of the past – but no food or drink allowed!

(Rm 2001) 2nd floor Bldg 1, above the lobby

Floor Lounges:
Furnished with sofas, chairs, tables, and televisions, these living rooms serve as study areas and facilitate casual hangouts.

(Rm’s x095) 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors Bldg 4, at the end of the Bldg 1-4 overpass

Hulsizer Room:
This large community room can be reserved for activities and events for the whole Ashdown community. Check here for recurring weekly Coffee Hours, monthly Sunday Brunches, and other advertised events such as Board Game Nights, Dance Parties, and Movie Nights!
(Rm 1121) 1st floor Bldg 5, at the front corner

Puzzle Lobby:
A rotating selection of jigsaw puzzles and magazines amidst comfortable seating and communal whiteboards for mental stimulation and mindful relaxation.
2nd floor Bldg 1, at the top of the stairs past the lobby hallway

Two large grass courtyards featuring picnic benches, hammocks, a basketball hoop, and a community garden. All gates to the courtyard area are secured from the outside by MIT card access, so they are fine places to enjoy at all hours. Information on applying for garden plots may be found by emailing

1st floor, in the negative space enclosed by the buildings

Crafts Lounge:
Open recreation room with comfortable seating, a ping-pong table, a shuffle board table, and a grand piano. This is a great place for lively gatherings and fun evenings with friends.
(Rm 1006) 1st floor Bldg 1, north of the elevators

Home Theater System/TV Room:
50” wall mounted LCD TV and surround sound via wall-embedded speakers. This room is fully equipped with a Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii U, Playstation 4, DVD player, and Satellite TV connection, making this the perfect stop for entertainment nights. Games and movies are available for check out at the front desk.

(Rm 1088) 1st floor Bldg 4, at the corner beneath the Bldg 3-4 overpass

Ingram Music Practice Room:
A more private environment for practicing music equipped with both electronic and acoustic pianos, an electronic drum set, and various volumes of sheet music.

(Rm 1010) 1st floor Bldg 1, behind the elevators adjacent to the Crafts lounge

Pub Games:
Here, residents can enjoy a game of pool or darts regardless if the pub is open or closed. Pool balls and cues may be checked out at the Front Desk.
(Rm 1117) 1st floor Bldg 5, in the vestibule of the Thirsty Ear Pub

Aerobics Room:
Treadmills, cross-trainers, stationary bikes, stair steppers and floor mats provide one half of your fitness needs at Ashdown.

(Rm 1004) 1st floor Bldg 1, north of the elevators

Bicycle Room:
Secure storage for bicycles, accessible from the courtyard via Student ID.
(Rm 1090) 1st floor Bldg 4, under the Bldg 1-4 overpass

Weight Room:
Free weights, a number of weight machines, and a scale to weigh yourself provide the other half of your fitness needs at Ashdown.

(Rm 1007) 1st floor Bldg 1, south of the elevators

Barbeque Grills:
Available for use in the Ashdown courtyards. May be reserved for events and supplies may be checked out from the Front Desk.
1st floor, outside under the Bldg 1-4 overpass

Floor Kitchens:
Four common kitchens are available for use by any resident. Each kitchen has 8 electric burners, an oven, microwave, and sink. Note that communal refrigerators are not provided here; residents should plan to store food in their own personal fridges.
(Rm’s x088) 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors between Bldg 3 and 4

Thirsty Ear Pub:
Open to all graduate students over 21 years of age, Tues and Thurs 8pm-1am. Both alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic soft drinks are available. Karaoke and Pub Trivia nights are recurrently hosted here.
[Currently closed but will reopen soon]
(Rm 1117) 1st floor Bldg 5, by the restrooms

Vending Machines:
Classic vending machine fare for those small impulse buys.
1st floor Bldg 4, next to the bicycle room

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