Ashdown Officers

Ashdown Officers

Everything Ashdown does, from stocking the inventory to planning dance parties to keeping the pianos in tune, is powered by our Officers – residents who volunteer their time to help out the dorm. While the different positions have varied responsibilities, all of them are important in keeping the residence running smoothly. Officers are grouped into 5 committees:

  • Brunch Committee
  • Coffee Hour Committee
  • Communities Committee
  • Events Committee
  • Operations Committee

Officer terms consist of fall, spring, and summer. New officers are hired at the start of each term, but typically there is a larger hiring cycle in the spring. There is no mandatory service duration, but typically officers serve 6 terms (2 years) in order to accrue “continuing status” which grants them guaranteed accommodation in Ashdown House. They are also guaranteed accommodation in Ashdown during their service. Additionally, officers are rewarded with up to 3 seniority points per term, which gives them a large advantage in the in-house lottery for room selection. Even with these perks, officers tend to serve merely because they want a more active role in the MIT Ashdown community!

Below is the listing of current officer positions. If you are interested in serving as an Ashdown officer in any of these roles, or if you wish to suggest a new officer position, please contact

Brunch Committee
Brunch Committee

The Brunch Committee organizes brunches on select Sunday mornings in Ashdown’s Hulsizer Room approximately once per month. See here for more information.

  • Chair: Amogh Sood
  • Officer: Zach Ely
  • Officer: William Wang
  • Officer: Constantine Tzouanas
  • Officer: Khrystofor Khokhlov
  • Officer: Christina Ji
  • Officer: Ruihan Zhang
  • Officer: Hyunwon Chu
  • Officer: Nicolás Gomez Vega
  • Officer: Hyunjin Park
  • Inventory Officer: Charlene Xia
Coffee Hour Committee
Coffee Hour Committee

The Coffee Hour Committee organizes Ashdown’s weekly coffee hour every Thursday night. This long-standing tradition provides residents with a great setting to relax and socialize while enjoying snacks and coffee. See here more information.

  • Co-Chair: Farnaz Jahanbakhsh
  • Co-Chair: Tejas Jayashankar
  • Officer: Benjamin Ayton
  • Officer: Abhin Shah
  • Officer: Jialin Ding
  • Officer: Tomoya Sasaki
  • Officer:Mina Dalirrooyfard
  • Officer: Tzu-An Sheng
  • Officer: Rose Yin
  • Officer: Alvin Harvey
  • Inventory Officer: Ted Letsou
Communities Committee
Communities Committee
  • Chair: Henry Tran
  • Cherry Pie Society: Aditi Kumar
    • The Cherry Pie Society Officer runs and coordinates Ashdown’s intellectual discussion group, the Cherry Pie Society. See here for more information.
  • Athletics/Physical Wellness Officer: Manmeet Bhabra
    • The Athletics/Physical Wellness Officer coordinates athletics-related events in Ashdown, and serves as a liaison for other athletics-related events on campus. Tasks include coordinating Ashdown intramural sports teams and organizing outings (basketball, hockey games, snowball fights, skating, etc).
  • Mental Wellness Officer: Ignacio Arzuaga Garcia
    • The Mental Wellness Officer promote the mental health of Ashdown residents through organizing opportunities for de-stressing and bringing in mental health resources from MIT and the Greater Boston Area.
  • 1st Floor Officer: Paxton Turner
  • 2nd Floor Officer: Alejandro Cabrales Hernandez
  • 3rd Floor Officer: Mohit Karnani
  • 4th Floor Officer: Zhutian Yang
    • Floor Officers: They serve as a residential assistants and are responsible for encouraging interaction among residents and organizing floor events, overseeing the floor common areas and the use of floor bulletin boards, and voicing floor concerns to AHEC.
  • Arts Officer: [currently vacant]
    • The Arts Officer holds events to connect Ashdown residents who are interested in events focused on art, music, theatre, and more. These events vary from museum trips to organized events to MIT performances. They maintain a collection of artwork around Ashdown (both inside the House and in the courtyards). They are an art enthusiast looking to provide an opportunity to Ashdown residents to explore their artistic interests.
  • Community Service Officer: [currently vacant]
    • The Community Service Officer is responsible for running and coordinating Ashdown volunteer events. They will act as a liaison between groups requiring volunteers and Ashdown residents.
Events Committee
Events Committee

The Events Committee plans and runs large and small events at Ashdown, either for Ashdown residents or the entire MIT graduate community. They plan orientation activities, social events, outings, culturally-themed events and other Ashdown traditions.

  • Officer: Georgia Dimaki
  • Officer: Shashi Gowda
  • Officer: Basuhi Ravi
  • Officer: Julius Adebayo
  • Officer: Mesert Kebed
  • Officer: John Bell
  • Officer: Safa Medin
  • Officer: David Nze Ndong
  • Officer: Nicholas Liu
  • Inventory Officer: Michail Ouroutzoglou
Operations Committee
Operations Committee
  • Chair of Publicity and Communications: Amir Tohidi Kalorazi
    • The Publicity Chair is the point of contact for other Ashdown officers and other dorm officers to request posters, etc. The Chair is in charge of delegating tasks within the Publicity team and compiling external events for the Ashdown Anno.
  • Publicity: Yoonjae Oh 
  • Publicity: Arkya Chatterjee
    • Publicity Officers collect and publicize information about Ashdown, MIT, and off-campus events. Officers organize publicity campaigns for Ashdown events, including creating posters, printing them, and putting them up around campus.
  • Photographer / Publicity: Can Pu
    • The Photographer documents residential life, takes pictures at events, and records Ashdown history. Photos can be found on the Ashdown House Facebook Page.
  • Communications: Arun Krishnadas
  • Communications: Jacqueline Baidoo
    • Communications Officers record and disseminate information in Ashdown, including taking meeting minutes at the AHEC weekly meetings. The Communications Officers also manage the 3AM newsletter, and welcome/orientation newsletters as needed.
  • Chair of Tech and Inventory: Weiyue Zhou
  • Tech: Asma Ghandeharioun
  • Tech: Gulsagar Singh Jassar
  • Tech: James Lynch
  • Tech: Haihao Liu
  • Tech: Oscar Wu
  • Tech: Andrew Rouditchenko
    • Technology Officers maintain and improve the Ashdown website and computing facilities. Tech Officers assist with the hallway displays throughout the building as well as other AV systems in the common areas.
  • Inventory: Tiansi Xin 
  • Inventory: Sohil Shah
  • Inventory: Michael Bichnevicius
    • Inventory Officers maintain and track the status of resident facilities within Ashdown House including the front desk/mailroom, courtyards, lobby, laundry room, kitchens, AHEC storage closet, and gym equipment.
  • Sustainability / Inventory: John Kongoletos
  • Garden / Inventory: Supratim Das