I'm having issues related to my apartment (heating, a/c, water, leaks). Who do I contact?
Please see: Reporting Problems page
I've noticed my wifi signal isn't very strong. What can I do?
Please see: Reporting Problems page. To guarantee quick internet speeds, you can also obtain a free Ethernet cable from MIT IS&T.
What's the best way to reach all of Ashdown House residents?
If you are hosting an official Ashdown event and wish to promote it, you should use < ashdown (at) mit.edu >. This is the primary, moderated official mailing list onto which all Ashdown residents are subscribed. If you wish to contact the community on a more informal basis (to sell a chair, to borrow a hammer, to ask for information), you should use < ashdown-talk (at) mit.edu >. Please note attachments are not supported on this email; you can share documents with links instead. For more specific email lists, please see this page.
How do I submit events to the Ashdown Anno?
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I'm a resident and I have an event idea. Can I get funding to host it?
The Ashdown House Fun Fund is established for this type of activity. There are eligibility rules to follow, but generally it is very easy to host your own events and get reimbursed for it! Please see the [bottom of the] Community Events page for more information.
I see the Ashdown events are being photographed. What are these photos for, and where can I access them?
The Ashdown Photographer takes pictures of events to document all the fun activities happening at Ashdown. Residents can access the photographs on the Ashdown House Facebook Page.
I'm having personal issues with my roommate. Is there any advisor or counselor who can help us navigate this living situation?
One of the roles of the Heads of House is to assist with roommate issues and personal challenges associated with living in a graduate dorm. Please contact them for guidance and/or more resources available to you.
I'd like to switch rooms. Is this possible?
Ashdown residents are able to switch rooms via our in-house lottery system. The lottery is run sporadically throughout the year – please keep an eye on emails to be notified of upcoming lotteries. If you have questions about the system or schedule, please contact the AHEC External Affairs Coordinator or the Heads of House.
I am not an Ashdown resident but I'd like to be. Does Ashdown hold lotteries throughout the year for new residents?
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