Getting Around

Transportation to/from Ashdown House

There are a number of transit options (and a ton of subsidies) offered to move around campus, as well as to travel further into Cambridge/Boston and beyond. Please see the Graduate Student Council Transportation Info document or the MIT Dept of Facilities Transportation page for more information.

*Given the current COVID-19 situation, some of these transit options may have halted or reduced capacity.*

MIT shuttlesPublic transportationPrivate transportation
  • SafeRide – For evening and late-night transportation 7 days a week, SafeRide Shuttles stop at the Warehouse (NW30) which is across the street from the Ashdown House main entrance, and comes every 30 minutes during the hours of operation (6pm-2:30am Sun-Wed; 6pm-3:30am Thurs-Sat). SafeRide is free of charge and open to all members of the MIT community.
  • EZRide – For daytime transit, MIT has an agreement with EZRide to allow free transit with an MIT ID. EZRide has a stop at Pacific Street and Albany Street, right in front of the main Ashdown entrance.
  • GroceryRide – For local trips to Costco, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, there is a free grocery shuttle for MIT students.
  • MBTA Subway – The closest MBTA subway stations are Central Square Station and Kendall Station, both on the Red Line. Ashdown House is about a 15-20 minute walk from either station.
  • MBTA Bus – The MBTA Route #1 Bus connects Harvard Square to Dudley Station, running through MIT campus along Massachusetts Avenue. The closest #1 bus stop is Massachusetts Ave @ Albany St.
  • BLUEbikes Bikeshare – Two BLUEbike docks are located nearby Ashdown House. The closest is on Pacific Street, between Ashdown House and the Sydney-Pacific residence. A slightly further BLUEbike dock is near the Cambridgeport Flour Bakery.
  • Automobile Parking – Ashdown residents can park at the Sidney-Pacific dorm’s lot (entry is on Sidney St). The MIT Parking office (ph. 617-258-6510) is located in the Atlas Service Center (E17, 40 Ames St). Hours: 8:00am-6pm. You can start the process of applying for an MIT Parking Permit by visiting their website. Metered public parking is also available along Albany St. and Pacific St. at a rate of $0.25 for 15 minutes. They accept quarters only. Meters around Ashdown House must be paid Mon-Fri 8am-6pm and is free on weekends (subject to change, always remember to check parking signs).
  • Bicycle Storage – Secure storage for bicycles at Rm 1090, accessible from the courtyard via Student ID. Bike racks also exist inside the courtyard (between buildings 3 and 4) and two locations on the sidewalk of Pacific St (out the front of Ashdown to the left and at the rear of the building outside the back courtyard gate on the left).

Local Amenities

Various places around the Cambridge/Boston area that you may find useful to visit are listed below.

GroceriesHome GoodsExercise/RecreationFinances
  • Trader Joe’s (Cambridge) – classic and close, except the Cambridge location does not sell alcohol. Has a BLUEbikes dock in the parking lot.
  • Whole Foods (Cambridge) – slightly further than Trader Joe’s, but produce section uses less plastic wrapping.
  • H-Mart – Asian grocery store chain. Located on Massachusetts Ave, with a BLUEbikes dock in front.
  • Social Wines – crafts and generics alike, plus weekly tastings.
  • MIT f(x) Furniture Exchange – supports student scholarships. Must have student ID from MIT, Harvard, Emerson, BU or Suffolk.
  • Boomerangs – local thrift store for clothes and home goods. Operated by AIDS Action Committee of MA.
  • MIT ReUse mailing list – mostly freebies, everything from sofas to computer parts.
  • Target (Central Square and Somerville) – the Central location is closer; the Somerville location is bigger.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond (Boston, near Fenway) – you know the drill. Has delivery options.
  • The MIT Zesiger Center is a 10 minute walk.
  • The MIT Briggs Field and Jack Barry Field are a 10 minute walk.
  • Memorial Drive has a nice jogging/walking/biking path.

Bank of America ATMs

  • Corner of Massachusetts Ave and Vassar St (head out lobby of Ashdown towards Mass Ave, take a right at the light, you will see the Bank of America ATM on your left at next intersection).
  • Stratton Student Center (BldgW20, 84 Massachusetts Ave)


  • Stratton Student Center (Bldg W20, 84 Massachusetts Ave)
  • Bldg E18, 50 Ames St
  • Bldg 10, 77 Massachusetts Ave
  • The Stata Center (Bldg 32), 32 Vassar Street
  • MIT/FCU (Bldg NE48), 700 Technology Sq
  • Draper Lab, 555 Technology Sq (withdrawals only)
  • Lincoln Lab (A-100), 244 Wood Street in Lexington, MA (withdrawals only)